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  • Joinery Off the Grid ($825)


    Cabinetmaking without electricity.

    Instructor:               Ernie Conover

    Prerequisites:         None
    Max Enrollment:     5
    Price:                      $895 (includes all instruction time, materials & lunch)
    Date Offered:        (Monday-Friday) July 9 - 13, 2018
    Balance Due:         Two weeks prior to course.

    How did our forefathers build beautiful furniture without machinery? This new week-long course will teach you their techniques. You will be handed a rough sawn plank which you will then bring to a true surface with scrub, jack and smooth planes. Next you will rip one edge straight with a handsaw and bring it perfectly straight and square with a jointer plane. After leveling the second face you will cut it into the pieces for a small chest. These rough-cut pieces will be brought square and true with planes and a shooting box. You will then through dovetail these pieces into a carcase and plow grooves for a top and bottom panel. The layout will include a widened pin so that the box and lid can be sawn apart for a perfect size and woodgrain match. Hand planes will be employed to bring the outside square and true. After sawing the box apart liners for the bottom half will be brought to a perfect air tight fit with a donkey’s ear shooting board. This is a complete hand tool immersion course.


    You will learn the following skills in this course:

    ·      Sharpening

    ·      Use of these saws: back, carcase, rip and crosscut panel

    ·      Use of these planes: scrub, smooth, jack jointer and plow

    ·      Use of panel, carcase and back saws

    ·      Use of chisels

    ·      Use of shooting boxes

    ·      Proper Layout

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