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  • 4S Daldrall or Overshot Runner or Table Squares


    Instructor: Susan Conover

    Prerequisites: Basic Weaving or equivalent

    Max Enrollment: 3

    Price: $275 (includes all instruction time & equipment) An additional materials fee will be charged at the end of the course in the amount of $45.  

    Dates: January 19-21, 2018 (Friday-Sunday) CLASS FULL also being offered January 24-26, 2018 (Wednesday-Friday) 


    Overshot brings to mind the coverlets woven on simple barn frame looms in America during the 1800 and 1900's.The materials used by the weaver were readily on hand and generally home made. It is thought that the Europeans brought this weave structure to North America. The Swedes of course took Overshot to the next level by weaving with fine cottons and luxurious linens. Susan was influenced by a draft called Rutor in a book entitled "Daldrall" by Anna Thomasson and Elisabeth Andersson.

    Participants will weave on a 4-Shaft Glimakra counterbalance loom or a Schacht 4-Shaft Baby Wolf loom for the duration of the class. The project will be beamed, threaded, sleyed and tied-on prior to your arrival. As a class, we will complete the tie-ups together. The warp on one of the counterbalance looms is black 16/2 Egyptian cotton; the pattern weft is 16/1 line linen doubled or 16/2 line linen;  the tabby weft is 16/2 Egyptian cotton; and 804 warp ends measure 50cm/19.7" on the loom. The warp on the other counterbalance loom and Baby Wolf is unbleached 20/2 Egyptian cotton; the pattern weft is 16/1 line linen doubled or 16/2 line linen; the tabby weft is 20/2 Egyptian cotton in unbleached; and 804 warp ends measuring 44,5cm/17.5" on the loom. Students are encouraged to weave a beautiful 36" table runner or two table squares ... weaver's choice.


    Each day we will spend time at the classroom table studying:

                    Block weaves - Overshot is a twill using two threads to create a unit block
                    Profile drafts
                    Weaving as "drawn-in"
                    Two shuttle weave techniques
                    Color changes, etc.

                How often are you able to attend a class in which you can really delve into the weave structure and leave the grunt work for                                     the loom fairies? Well, this is one opportunity!

    Please note our cancellation policy: Thirty days or more prior to the start date, your deposit/fee is 50% refundable. If you cancel less than thirty days from the course beginning, the deposit/fee is non-refundable. To cancel email sales@conoverworkshops.comwrite or telephone and leave a message on our answering machine. If for any reason we cancel a course, your entire payment will be refunded promptly.