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  • 2018 Smålandsväv - an independent weaving session


    Smålandsväv is a multi-harness weave structure that we are using four pattern shafts and two ground shafts. The threading of 1710 warp ends (through closed-eye heddles for the ground and long-eyed or so-called opphämta heddles for the pattern); sleying two ends per dent in a 90/10 metric reed (equates to 45 ends per inch); a nifty loom extension has been added to the Glimåkra Standard loom; everything has been done for you. Yep, the Conover loom fairies are at it again!

    Conover Workshops will charge a flat fee of $275 for a continuous three-day session (8:30am-5pm).  Susan will spend approximately thirty minutes familiarizing you with the equipment and weave structure. She will be on the premises in case you have any issues. However, this is NOT a hand-holding, one-on-one, private instruction session. Each meter woven will cost you $85, which includes all warp and weft materials. You may weave your piece as long as you wish.

    On the loom the Bockens 20/2 unbleached cotton warp measures 37-1/4” or 95cm wide. We do have numerous skeins of Borgs Fårō 6/1 wool yarn in stock for the pattern weft. With that said, if you have specific colors you would like to use please advise us of those color numbers at least a month prior to your arrival.

    The Fårō skeins are available in seventy-four different colors and we have color cards for sale on our website.  Ground weft will be weaver’s choice of cotton or line linen in various sizes. We have woven examples of the different ground weft options for comparison.

    If you are comfortable weaving a two-shuttle weave structure you are certainly ready for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For long distance attendees, we have lodging facilities on site. Contact Susan directly with your questions at

    A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure dates. We do not "carry-over" your deposit monies to another time period.