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  • WRSW Sept 2018 8S Turned Twill Towel Kit

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    WRSW Sept 2018 Workshop 8S Kit


    Warp: Bockens Egyptian 20/2 cotton, unbl

    Weft: Bockens 16/1 Line Linen, golden, unbleached or bleached – weaver’s choice

    Width in Reed: 16”

    Warp Ends: 476

    Reed: 15-dent no reed substitution

    Sett: 30

    Heddle Requirements: Shafts 1-4 (65); Shafts 5-8 (55); Shaft 1 is nearest the weaver.

    Wooden Temple 14-19” Required: Glimåkra #20B

    Cost of pre-wound warp & weft materials:

    $74 + OH sales tax for golden weft

    $71 + OH sales tax for unbleached weft

    $72 + OH sales tax for bleached weft

    This kit yields 4 towels measuring 16” wide on the loom and woven 26” long (includes hems), loom waste plus 4” for sampling

     Susan will not ship the kit unless requested (additional fees to apply)